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Discover the smarter way to tackle high medical bills and protect your wealth​

Eliminating Financial Fear 
for Chronically Ill Patients

Jeffrey McCormack, CEO & Co-founder of Iryss, is on a mission to reduce medical financial stress today and in the future for people struggling with medical bills. Today, 92% of chronically ill patients live in financial fear.
There are two sources for this fear: current medical bills and the unknown future costs of care. Listen in for Jeffrey’s story and solution.

The Problem

High medical bills can be a major source of financial stress, often leaving individuals and families scrambling to cover the costs. Many are unaware of financial assistance programs and struggle to develop a manageable payment strategy. That's where Iryss comes in.

Our Solution

Key Benefits

With Iryss, you can enjoy:

Reduced costs

Lower your medical expenses by tapping into available financial assistance programs.

Easy application process

Navigate the complex world of medical aid with our easy-to-use platform.

Expert support

Our dedicated team is here to help you every step of the way.

Personalized plan

Secure your financial future with a custom plan designed just for you.

Well Being

Protect your wealth and focus on what matters most - your health and well-being.

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