As technology advances so do cyber threats.  Not to mention the impact COVID-19 had on the arrival of remote workforces and an overall increased digital reliance.  It seems we hear the phrases cyber crime, cyber theft, cyber security and other similar combinations almost daily.  An article by Fintech News shared an alarming statistic, “cybersecurity experts predict that in 2021 there will be a cyber attack incident every 11 seconds. This is nearly twice what it was in 2019 (every 19 seconds), and four times the rate five years ago (every 40 seconds in 2016),”  With more of the world’s activity moving to a digital space this is not unexpected.  However, just because it is not unexpected doesn’t mean it’s not noteworthy.   

From the onset of the development of IRYSS, our team made sure that cyber security was front and center in every conversation.  For our product to serve our users well, we need to collect personal and financial information.  We take this responsibility incredibly seriously and will do everything we can to protect your information.  Your information will be safe not only from cyber crime but from being sold to third parties.  At IRYSS we have made a commitment that we will NEVER sell any of your data to a third party. 

TIP: Alarmingly, the majority of credential theft is the result of targeted phishing or malware attacks. As many people reuse their passwords for a number of services, once a single password has been compromised they can then try to connect with another service or network. Make sure to use a strong password that is not used often when registering for IRYSS, and other financial service applications. 

How do we keep your information safe? 

Unlike traditional financial institutions such as banks, the only information IRYSS actually collects is your name, email address and phone number.  Any financial information that is provided through our app goes through a secure third party.  IRYSS will never have access to your credit card information, account numbers or any other personal financial information.  Our innovative AI approach takes the information you provide, analyzes it in the background and then pops out financial recommendations. This is all done without our team having access to your financial information. Our approach understands that as AI continues to establish itself within the financial services sector, IRYSS needs to have a robust and resilient infrastructure in place.   A backbone to IRYSS’ security platform is our partnerships.  Our company has partnered with YODLEE and is stored on secure AWS servers.  You can read more about both of these organizations on our security page.

IRYSS was built to help the average American manage their finances in a cost effective and transparent manner.  We understand that finances are a stressful topic, we will work hard to not add more stress to your life by being the reason your personal or financial information was stolen.  We are here to help you in all aspects of your life.   Now, we know you may be thinking, is IRYSS faster, stronger and more capable than an F-35 Jet?  We can say confidently, when it comes to your financial life we sure are!  Get your finances ready to take off with IRYSS.  Sign up today!