ROCHESTER, N.Y., Oct. 6, 2021 – With more than two-thirds of Americans overpaying for professional investment services, Jeff McCormack knew he had to act. After two decades in the wealth management industry, he saw first hand the destructive effect that high fees can have on the average customer’s wealth building attempts. His knowledge of the industry’s high fees and confusing data reportage led to the launch of fintech startup IRYSS. IRYSS is a free marketplace that offers its users: (1) a highly secure, easy to use AI platform that analyzes their individual financial situation and; (2) the ability to match with a financial adviser on-demand to improve specific aspects of their financial plan. You can ‘Join IRYSS’ at

‘The wealth management industry is set-up to help those that have already attained wealth, but what about the majority of people that are struggling to get by? Unfortunately, they are left to fend for themselves and can easily be led astray causing financial ruin,’ states McCormack. ‘IRYSS is being built to help transfer the knowledge I gained during my time in the industry to the masses,’ adds McComack. ‘The vision is a marketplace with personalized analysis and on-demand assistance in areas beyond just wealth management.’

Based in Rochester, NY, McCormack explains, ‘IRYSS has partnered with regional investment advisers committed to increasing financial transparency and improving the financial health of their clients. IRYSS plans to begin phase two of the marketplace roll-out early in 2022, which is slated to include easier connectivity between users and advisers.’

Fintech VC and founding board member Garnet Heraman says, ‘The IRYSS secret sauce is its strong team of experts in wealthtech, product management and user experience. I’m proud to be part of the company DNA and excited about its ability to bring much needed change to the wealth management industry.’

About Iryss, Inc.

Iryss is on a mission to help Americans keep more of their hard earned money. IRYSS® is a safe, secure, and encrypted platform that analyzes users’ investment accounts for hidden fees. After analyzing user accounts users can connect to a trusted and vetted financial adviser. The best part, we do it all at no cost! In 5 minutes or less, users say goodbye to high fees and hello to winning@wealth!

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