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August 31, 2021 2023-01-10 4:31
About Iryss

We believe that everyone is entitled to personalized wealth recommendations.

Brand Promise

Financial anxiety is real. In fact, 64% of Americans report that money is a significant source of stress in their lives. And those numbers are even higher for people living with a chronic illness.

Iryss is on a mission to change that. 

Our vision is for everyone to have equitable access to a future without financial fear. Our personal finance platform is built on powerful technology and a commitment to being shockingly helpful and transparent.  It uses advanced data analytics to carefully and securely analyze your investment accounts and monitor your money, alerting you to opportunities for you to achieve more. 

And we have qualified experts on hand to explain it all in everyday human language that’s incredibly easy to understand. No jargon. No confusion. Just the best, most impactful financial guidance available.


We will be completely transparent in everything we do. It’s that simple.

Jeff McCormack
Co-Founder & CEO, Iryss

After 15 years in the wealth management industry, where I held roles ranging from data analytics to business development and strategic planning, I grew disillusioned by the exclusive community we kept.  The wealth management industry caters to those that have already achieved wealth, whereas the people that really need help are those that don’t have any wealth yet.  So, I am now looking to share the knowledge I gained during my career with you so that you can become wealthier.  

The digital insights provided within Iryss will shed light on your current investment choices and point out places for improvement.  Within the Hyve expert network you will be able to address any financial concerns that you might have.  All of this will be delivered using a fee-for-service business model, so that you know exactly what you are paying and what services you can expect.  You deserve this!