“Living with depression is no walk in the park; I’ve been grappling with it for over 15 years. The ups and downs are not always about the emotional burden. For me, it often comes down to the financial strain of treatments and consultations.

Last year, I took on a new job. The excitement of a new opportunity quickly dampened when I found out my employer-sponsored health plan excluded coverage for mental health issues. It felt like a familiar tune, another reminder of the challenges people like me face in accessing care. As fate would have it, the pressures of my new job aggravated my condition, necessitating further consultations and medication adjustments. Every visit, every pill added to a growing debt I just couldn’t afford.

But a silver lining appeared in the form of Iryss, introduced to me by my employer. With their help, I discovered a financial assistance program offered by the hospital where I was getting treatment. Miraculously, they covered all my costs! I can’t begin to express the relief and gratitude I felt. Without Iryss, I genuinely believe I would’ve had to forego essential treatments.

If you find yourself drowning in medical bills like I did, please give Iryss a shot.” 

Matthew L.
Buffalo, NY