Money-saving apps help make the process of saving money so much easier over time! Now is the time to start using these apps to save so that your goals can be met stress-free. Keep reading to check out five of our favorite money-saving apps below! 


Mint is a great budget planner and financial tracking app that lets you set specific savings goals, customize your budgets, track your spending, and monitor subscriptions – all for free! Mint is a great way to set goals, see your monthly bills, and build stronger financial habits! 

2. Acorns

Acorns is a spare-change investing and checking app that can help you invest your spare change automatically and get you cash back on select retailers. They also provide users with great educational content to help you develop a much stronger understanding of personal finance!

3. Digit

Digit is an app that does a great job of encouraging personal savings. It connects with your checking account and automatically saves small, random amounts of money into a separate savings account. You can create as many separate savings “buckets” as you want! 

4. Qapital 

Qapital helps you save money in small increments by gamifying your savings, in ways that work for you personally! 

5. Iryss

And finally, Iryss!! Iryss is a personal finance platform to help the not-rich-yet make educated and rewarding wealth decisions. We value transparency and focus on providing value via personalized digital and expert insights. Join Iryss now and get a free check-up on your investments!